About Vang Iek

Vang Iek was established since 1935 and has been operating in Macau for over 80 years. Over the past eight decades, Vang Iek has successfully transformed from a transport fleet of two trucks into a remarkable conglomerate offering a wide range of business lines. 

In 1964, Vang Iek became the exclusive dealer of Mazda and has managed to possess a strong market position in the automobile sector ever since then. In 1978, Vang Iek was the first car distributor in Macau to successfully break into the Chinese market after its economic reform. 

Besides, Vang Iek constructed a 120,000 square feet service centre in Macau in order to improve the quality of our after-sales service and to maintain a high level of commitment to our customers. It is certainly the best equipped and most efficient service centre in Macau enabling us to achieve our quality service recognition. In 2004, it became the first service centre to be awarded the ISO 9001 certificate.

In 2012, Vang Iek became the official distributor of Mazda Hong Kong. To cope with the increased demand for the after-sales services, Vang Iek has constructed a new customer service centre in Kwai Chung in 2016 to enhance the quality of our after-sales services. At the same year, it became the designated Car Testing Centre approved by Hong Kong Transport Department.

For the years to come, Vang Iek will continue to provide our customers with exceptional levels of quality service and satisfaction to accommodate its business growth.