Classic Car Club

We know how hard you have been working to keep your classy Mazda in tip-top condition. Why don’t you leave us with the burden and start to enjoy your Mazda-worry free? Our authorized Mazda services, with the expertise and after all the necessary classical touch, are ready to serve your car and you as a daily commuter, a weekend enthusiast or a long time collector. No matter how much longer you would like to keep your Mazda for, our genuine parts will make it just as good as new.

Classis Car Club 2

You can enjoy...

Free Pre-Government Examination Service ($585 Vehicle Examination Fee charged by Transport Department is not included) // Free Annual Vehicle Under-Chassis Rustproof Treatment (one time per year) // One Time Free Car Waxing Service with Interior Cleaning Service // Free Full Membership Fees // 40% off on Mechanical Maintenance Service (Labour & Parts) // 40% off on Body & Paint Work (Labour & Parts) // 24 hour Road Side Assistance Service // Vehicle Birthday Reminder // Special Promotional Price on Classic Car Parts Orders // Regular Gathering Event*****Under-Chassis Rustproof Treatment, Waxing and Interior Cleaning Service will only be provided during Pre-Government Examination Service*****