‘Refined toughness’ is our design keyword and we challenged ourselves to elevate the KODO concept to a new level. Inspired by traditional Japanese crafts, we pursued a simple yet refined beauty created by eliminating non-essential elements.

"Masaya Kodama"
All-New Mazda CX-5 Programme Manager


‘I want to express the spirit of Mazda craftsmanship, which has something in common with sword-making and the Japanese notion that there is life in things crafted by human hands. The idea is to express ways of thinking and living through the attention to detail and painstaking workmanship I feel only Japanese are capable of.”

Shinichi Isayama,

Chief Designer of New Gen CX-5



Can color demonstrate movement?

Mazda thinks so, and is continuing to revolutionize paint and application technologies to better capture the ideal of Car as Art.

The new Soul Red Crystal adopts Aqua-tech Paint technologies, achieving 50% greater color “depth” compared with the previous Soul Red, as well as 20% greater brightness, with brighter reds in direct light and a charcoal-like effect in shadows, similar to flowing magma.


Soul Red Crystal Metallic (46V)

The power liftgate employs a compact, lightweight and quiet spindle damper unit, opening and closing by a simple switch operation. Liftgate opening height is freely settable with a button on the key fob. Touch sensors help prevent items from getting trapped in the liftgate.

All The Space
You Need

Comfortably seat up to five people with plenty of legroom and storage for all your essentials.

442L with the seats raised
1,342L with the seats down


Our newest technology, G-Vectoring Control advances ambiance and driving comfort by finely controlling engine torque based on your steering and acceleration. This helps reduce driver fatigue and creates a smoother ride with better handling.

i-ACTIVESENSE Gives You Extra Senses

All New CX-5 gives you impressive levels of safety. With advanced i-Activsense technology your sense of confidence becomes even stronger, by using radar and cameras, it’s like having extra senses working for you. These intelligent systems are designed to help you recognize potential hazards, avoid collusions and minimize the severity of accidents when they cant be avoided.